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About Us

Our Journey Continues...

Vetrina del Vino is now Hewn & Forged!  Vetrina del Vino translates from Italian to "Showcase the Wine"; great for our company as we founded our business on wine racks.  Since our inception we have added more handcrafted products utilizing wood and various metals, hence the new, more inclusive name.


A company started between friends Tom & Michael, Vetrina del Vino started out of necessity. Michael needed to store his wine, and lots of it, with very little real estate available in his newly remodeled dining room. An idea spawned and through trial and error, the racks were fashioned to meet that need.

The beauty of our wine racks is that they look wonderful alone, however, are very efficient at storing larger quantities of wine when multiple racks are interlocked together.

Our goal is to provide our customers with functional pieces of art and our wine racks do exactly that.

More recent additions to our store include engraved copper/aluminum art pieces, handcrafted fireplace mantels/beams, and various other items. Several standard styles are available, though customization is certainly possible and we welcome any inquiries outside of the products we offer.

Thank you for checking out our store, we hope you love our mantels, wine racks, and other decor as much as we enjoy making them!


Tom & Michael