Vertical Wine Rack Stacked – Hewn & Forged

Vertical Wine Rack Stacked

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With the same height as our Ladder Series wine racks, our Stacked wine racks store wine very efficiently with a smaller width footprint.  Made from rough sawn wood with antiqued copper accents, these racks are sure to fit in that nice little spot you were thinking of where our larger racks won't work.  This space saving design is also optimal for cork preservation.  

Recommended Width Space
This takes into account space required to remove bottles
1 Rack - 16"
2 Racks - 32"
3 Racks - 48"
4 Racks - 54"
5 Racks - 70"
Each additional rack would need another 16" of width space

Sizes (height)
8 Bottle One Sided - 36"
12 Bottle One Sided - 53"
 Bottle One Sided - 70"

Looking for a specific height?  Please contact us directly for a custom order.

- Hardware included for drywall installation but can be installed over any substrate.
- Wine not included