Vertical Wine Rack Ladders – Hewn & Forged

Vertical Wine Rack Ladders

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Our Ladder Series vertical wine racks allow for a greater wine display. Multiple Ladder racks can be placed on a wall providing quite an impressive look. Hewn from rough sawn wood and aged copper accents, these racks can be used alone or interlock with a combination of other Ladder Series racks to be used in a cellar or wine closet. This space saving design is also optimal for cork preservation.

Recommended Width Space
This takes into account space required to remove bottles
1 Rack - 28"
2 Racks - 43"
3 Racks - 58"
4 Racks - 73"
5 Racks - 88"
Each additional rack would need another 15" of width space

Sizes (height)
8 Bottle Ladder - 36"
12 Bottle Ladder - 53"
 Bottle Ladder - 70"

Looking for a specific height?  Please contact us directly for a custom order.

- Hardware included for drywall installation but can be installed over any substrate.
- Wine not included