Vertical Latitude Longitude Copper Sign – Hewn & Forged

Vertical Latitude Longitude Copper Sign

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Want that "are you kidding me" reaction to a gift? Look no further! A new rendition of our Latitude Longitude copper engraving, This artistic sign will be sure to please. Going to a wedding in Aspen, send us where the nuptials take place and we'll make a lasting memento of the occasion. Got married on a beach in Hawaii a few years ago and want a great anniversary gift? You'll be supremely please with the uniqueness of this piece.

This engraving is also perfect for a new home or cabin being established or a plethora or other unique reasons. Get creative! The additional line below the header gives you the ability to customize. This engraving really is a thing of beauty .

Upon ordering, please provide the information requested below. Examples are provided.
Please make sure to write it exactly as desired. Note: All letters will be capitals.

1. CUSTOM LINE ONE (The larger of the two custom lines)
Last Name (ie. Hanson or The Nelson's
Name of Bar or restaurant ( ie. Joe's Pub)
Name of Business (ie. Aspen Studios)
City and State (ie. Gunnison, CO)

2.SECOND LINE (The smaller of the two lines)
Establised on date ( EST. JUNE 4th, 2005 )
( EST. 2012 )
Construction date ( BUILT IN 1982 )

City & State (Minneapolis, MN)

3.LOCATION (used for the coordinates we put on top) helps us to locate the location for the coordinates though it doesn't always pinpoint the home or property just by typing in an address so please follow these directions and supply the coordinates of your choosing.
IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES, Please get us the address and we will assist!

step 1. Go to
Before following the steps below, you must go to the bottom left-hand corner and click on the "Earth" square. That will bring up the actual satellite imagery so you can best find your location
You can then
step 2. Find the precise spot of the home, property or location, typically by typing in the address or name of the place, and move your cursor over it.
step 3. Right-click on the spot and select "what's here" from the menu that comes up
step 4. A box will pop up with the coordinates for that locaiton
step 5. copy and paste the coordinates to us in in the notes of your order
example 43.262801, -75.716945
*We will provide the elevation base on those coordinates.*

If the location does not come up and you are not quite up to finding it, we are certainly happy to help, so don't let that discourage you!

***Your coordinates will be based on Google Earth's location of the coordinates provided using the DDD° MM' SS.S" (Degrees, Minutes and Seconds) format shown in the pictures. If you would like to use a different format, please let us know by supplying your coordinates in the notes of your order and specifically stating you want it different than our standard.***

3. PHONE NUMBER (really important so that we can contact you with questions if necessary)