Hewn Mantel 8" x 8" (price/inch) – Hewn & Forged

Hewn Mantel 8" x 8" (price/inch)

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Wowza, what a statement!  Hang this solid mantel above your fireplace on new or remodel construction and you will hardly notice anything else.

These hand hewn masterpieces are finished to the length of your specification in about 2 weeks.

We currently have 3 different sizes that we work with.
6" tall x 8" deep, 8" tall x 8" deep, and 8" tall x 10" deep

Please keep in mind the depth of your installation.  If you are surrounding your mantel with brick or stone after you install your mantel, you will lose a bit of the depth as a result.  This is just for planning purposes, not necessarily a bad thing.

We router out a pocket on the back side of the mantel to make installation a breeze. Most mantels of this style leave you to figure out install with brackets or corbels but with ours you don't need to provide anything. We supply a hanger board that is cut to size for the pocket in the back and screws to attach it to wood studs (if you are screwing it to a masonry wall, you will need to provide them).  We also provide easy instructions, however, it is yours or the contractor's responsibility to make sure that it goes on securely, we just provide an easy way to make it happen.

Our mantels are heavy. A 72" mantel beam, since it's not a fake "box beam," weighs about 75 lbs.  With that said, the shipping we quote is very cost effective because it is FEDEX GROUND... Which means that it must be delivered to a business address.  You may need to even ship it to a friend or family member to get it to a place that can accept it, but it keeps the cost way down.  If this is not an option, please contact us and we can see if FEDEX "Home Delivery" can deliver it and what the cost would be.

Any other questions?  Let us know, we are here to help out!